Data Extraction and Document Automation

Founded in 2008, WesTech eSolutions Inc. has continuously provided excellent data capture / data recognition products and services to customers in many different vertical markets. Our team has over 50 years’ combined experience delivering solutions and our products are best-in-class award winners.

The day-to-day operations of your business rely heavily on efficiently managing and processing accounting documents like invoices, receipts, purchase orders, financial statements and tax documents. Our solution lets you take control of all your internal documents, helping you increase performance and competitiveness while improving operational efficiency and avoiding risk.

The solutions that we provide include a comprehensive array of features including data capture, check fraud, classification, automated handwriting recognition and forms capture, compliance, workflow and business process improvement. Our solutions can operate on-premise or cloud based. Our solutions were chosen for their ability to easily configured and scaled to fit the clients’ requirements. Our solutions are easy to integrate. We provide solutions for integration with MS Dynamics, and other line of business software solutions, just to mention a few.

What we do

Data Extraction and Validation

Our data capture solutions feature classification, automated handwriting recognition, forms recognition with advanced data extraction and validation of data print and cursive writing …

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Check Fraud Detection

We have a complete solution for Banking and those requiring full featured, single stream check processing including fraud detection, data validation and signature verification …

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Intelligent Document Automation

Powered by Smart-Learning we extract information from any document from any source, including unstructured and structured forms.

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Business Process Optimization Services

The goal of our BPO Services is to make these tools, used by major corporations, affordable by smaller organizations that need to reduce cost and manpower.

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Why choose us

Our goal is to deliver quality solutions on time and the exceed all expectations of the client. We keep budget and schedules in the forefront our planning and deliverables. We strive to insure a quality client experience throughout the life of the project and into the future.