We are known for our “Best In Class” solutions that solve real world business problems and our ability to fully support all solutions we implement. Our solutions include a comprehensive array of features including data capture, check fraud, automated handwriting recognition and forms capture, and business process improvement. Our solutions operate on-premise or in a SAAS environment. They include the ability to easily configure, scalability, solid compliance and business continuity capabilities.

In addition to extracting Check Data, we can now create a customizable X9.37 for electronic deposit files acceptable by many different banks. Now the process for depositing a group of checks is as simple as scanning, validating and submitting the deposit electronically. Trips to the Bank are no longer required.

WesTech eSolutions Inc. developed the eFraud Solution to meet several Check Data Extraction and Fraud Detection needs.

WesTech developed the eFraud Solution to meet several distinct use cases. It is a complete solution for Banking and Check Cashing operations or Kiosks, Deposit Processing and Cash Receipts Processing. The features include full featured, single stream check processing, Check Data Extraction and Validation, Check Stock Validation, Signature Presence Detection and Signature Verification. These functions are configurable, based on the end user’s requirements. Use one feature or all the features, the choice is yours.

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Form Data and Handwriting Capture

FormXtra.AI Capture developed by Parascript LLC, with its unique Smart Learning capabilities, is an easy-to-use, standalone intelligent document recognition (IDR) solution for capture, classification, data extraction and validation for documents, forms and checks. FormXtra.AI Capture is scalable to support medium and high-volume, complex processing needs for any size business.

Capture and validate all Data Types, from Any Document Format and from Any Location. Key features include Smart Learning, Dynamic Document Sorting, Streamlined Functionality, Data Validation and Security, Dynamic Signature Location, Verification and Matching, SharePoint Integration and Expanded API Functionality.

FormXtra.AI Capture, also available as an Software Development Kit (SDK), features custom solutions for extracting data from Medical Forms (HCFAs and UBs), Receipts, Checks and Invoice Processing.

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