Our focus has been on providing products which are cost effective, highly scalable, end-user maintainable and extendable. Our focused products include:

eFraud Solution

The eFraud Solution will provide fraud detection and elimination to many organizations with could not previously afford such technology. Powered by the market leading SDKs from Parascript, the eFraud Solution will detect CAR/LAR mismatches, signature presence, check stock irregularities, account number and signature verifications.

Features include basic Check Data Extraction and Validation of Amount, CAR/LAR, Payee Name, Payor, Date, Stale Date, Check Number and Signature Presence Detection. It is also extendable to include the customized features available in eFraud Solution Enterprise.

eFraud Solution Enterprise

A complete solution for Banking and those requiring full featured, single stream check processing. It can accurately detect CAR/LAR mismatches between check amounts written in numbers (courtesy amount) and letters (legal amount). It delivers unprecedented verification accuracy by considering all informative data extracted from a signature image, including biometric characteristics. And lastly, it performs image comparison of preprinted objects like headers of blocks—such as check number, date, payee, dollar sign, memo, payor block and payor bank—on a suspect check versus corresponding blocks on a reference check stock. It is truly a complete solution for detecting all facets or check fraud and extracting check data for use in downstream business processes.

eFraud Solution

Single stream check processing currently in use by Check Cashing operations, charitable organizations and others looking to reduce the manpower required for creating Income Reports and Deposit Processing.

Features basic Check Data Extraction of Amount and Validation, Payor, Date, Stale Date, Check Number and Signature Presence Detection. It is also extendable to include customized features available in eFraud Solution Enterprise.

eFraud360 (BPO)

Our new solution that eliminates transportation costs and delays, saving you time, money and access to the funds deposit into your account faster. We use proven technology to scan an image of your check deposits, which is then can be sent over a secure internet connection for processing by your Bank. You will retain an image copy of all check deposits, the actual X9.37 transmission and the Validation Report to assist in any research you may need. You can transmit deposits multiple times in one day if needed. The capability also exists to deposit your funds into one or more accounts, it’s your choice.

Features basic Check Data Extraction and Validation of Amount and MICR to create a X9.37 compliant Electronic Deposit File.

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FormXtra.AI recognizes, extracts and classifies machine print and all forms of handwriting —constrained, unconstrained handprint and cursive. It processes multiple document types – both structured and semi-structured forms, as well as field-based data. We can process any document from any source. Applications include unstructured and structured documents, medical form recognition, check recognition, human resources and accounting.


FormXtra.AI Capture’s smart learning and advanced data extraction reduces backlogs and minimizes the hours needed to prepare and review documents. FormXtra.AI Capture recognizes, extracts and classifies machine print and all forms of handwriting —constrained, unconstrained handprint and cursive. It’s use drastically reduces errors in medical claims processing, insurance applications and other structured and semi-structured forms. Also, document preparation time is improved by drastically reducing the need for human input before, during and after the forms are filled out and scanned. Using advanced auto-classification, FormXtra.AI Capture organizes the information according to guidelines, allowing pages to be scanned in any order, further reducing man-hours spent preparing documents.

FormXtra.AI Capture can process any document from any source. Applications include unstructured and structured documents, medical form recognition, check recognition, human resources and accounting.

FormXtra.AI Capture Enterprise

FormXtra.AI Capture automates and streamlines document management through automating capture, classification, data location, extraction and validation. It automatically processes multi-page documents with machine print, constrained and unconstrained handprint, and even cursive handwriting that drives reduction in human processing time resulting in increased productivity, accuracy, and savings.

All Data Types, Any Document Format, FormXtra.AI Capture features Advanced Data Extraction that recognizes and extracts machine print (OCR), all forms of handwriting – constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive (ICR), optical marks and barcodes within the same user application to process any document format, as well as forms and field-based data.

FormXtra.AI SDK

Parascript’s Document Automation SDK Leverages Smart Learning which dramatically simplifies initial and ongoing configuration and maintenance. Their document automation technology automatically learns how to classify and separate documents as well as locate, extract and validate any type of information from your documents. This includes machine print, table data, images (such as logos and signatures) and all forms of handwriting—constrained and unconstrained hand-print and cursive. This high-performance software uses a self-learning system that automatically configures rules and learns by itself in order to improve performance. Parascript Smart Learning software currently process over 100 billion documents per year. These capabilities have been successfully used to extract data from Checks, Invoices, Receipts, Remittances, Forms, Mail (letters and parcels) and Other documents with variable content and format.

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Check / Payment Processing and Fraud Prevention SDKs

Parascript has produced a suite of products which detects counterfeit documents, signature forgery, content alteration, duplicate presentment, CAR/LAR mismatch and payee match discrepancies. Reliable automation is key to mitigate losses, protect assets and improve customer service and loyalty. Parascript automation software for compliance and fraud prevention solutions can be deployed in both front or back office environments and enable financial institutions to provide more comprehensive automation at lower costs than ever.

Using state-of-the-art technology based on machine learning algorithms including deep learning, payments can be processed in seconds, providing immediate feedback to the customer. Since Parascript enables high automation rates, banks can automatically verify payment amounts against customer-supplied data to forego the traditional wait times for deposit availability.

CheckXpert.AI SDK

The newest member of the family of products CheckXpert.AI® represents the latest advancements of deep learning which have been applied to the challenge of payment processing. It offers superior check recognition with the highest read rates reducing costs by more than 80% over other available check recognition solutions. As a result, CheckXpert.AI reads check amounts and MICR with better than human accuracy and speed, which enables banks to provide real-time approval of deposits regardless of channel and without the significant costs of manual verification. By leveraging Parascript’s proprietary deep learning algorithms, CheckXpert.AI processes checks in a significantly smarter, more human-like way. CheckXpert.AI takes care of the full stream of documents for Proof of Deposit (POD) and Remittance applications.

Users benefit from the Highest Read Rates in the market, today. In addition, CheckXpert.AI also offers the industry’s highest recognition rates and accuracy with a dramatic increase in courtesy and legal amount recognition rates. Our solution with its industry-leading performance can reduce the cost of data entry by more than 80% compared to other solutions available on the market today.

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CheckPlus SDK

CheckPlus® enables real-time solutions that require streamlined and reliable access to a wide range of data on the check or check-like document. A single recognition SDK integrates check recognition, forms recognition and signature verification. CheckPlus automates check courtesy amount and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR), check number, date, payee name and MICR lines, verifies signature presence and locates payor blocks.

This comprehensive toolkit provides Full-Stream Banking Document Processing that recognizes financial documents in a real-life mixed stream that features different formats of banking documents having different backgrounds and noise, as well as various styles of writing and text quality. This includes personal checks, business checks, deposit slips, substitute checks (IRDs), money orders and travelers’ checks, as well as differently formatted forms.

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SignatureXpert SDK

Providing Signature Verification for Fraud Protection CheckPlus’ optional signature verification module offers advanced functionality that authenticates signatures and protects against signature fraud with high accuracy rates against all types of forgery.

As an integrated SDK, SignatureXpert® provides signature verification for unprecedented accuracy. It enables signature authentication in applications including check processing, loan origination, voting by mail, petitions and countless other uses where it is crucial to detect signature fraud. SignatureXpert provides the highest degree of accuracy for any document type that requires signature validation.

Using SignatureXpert’s advanced Signature Analysis functionality combines multiple verifiers to analyze dozens of signature features and can use multiple references to differentiate between natural anomalies and true irregularities that indicate fraud.

Advanced image preprocessing capabilities ensure a clean image. Backgrounds and all type of noise are eliminated from check images, IRDs, and signature snippets cut from documents with inconsistent layouts.

SignatureXpert supports American-style signatures, as well as complex European-style signatures, enabling one software package to deliver universal authentication in a single stream.

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