Our Focused Products

Our focus has been on providing products which are cost effective, highly scalable, end-user maintainable and extendable. Our focused products include:

eFraud Solution

The eFraud Solution will provide fraud detection and elimination to many organizations with could not previously afford such technology. Powered by the market leading SDKs from Parascript, the eFraud Solution will detect CAR/LAR mismatches, signature presence, check stock irregularities, account number and signature verifications.

Featuring three modules that may be used independently or as a suite of products in a single stream workflow for complete check fraud processing. StockVerify – provides counterfeit detection which uses a secure filter for detecting even the most sophisticated counterfeit checks. CheckVerify – automates capture and validation of the check courtesy amount and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR), check number, payee block and MICR lines, verifies signature presence. SignatureVerify – detects signature fraud using signature presence detection and verification capabilities ensure the industry’s highest accuracy rates in detecting random and skilled forgeries.

eFraud Solution Enterprise

  • Complete solution for Banking and those requiring full featured, single stream check processing.
  • Accurately detects CAR/LAR mismatches between check amounts written in numbers (courtesy amount) and letters (legal amount).
  • Delivers unprecedented verification accuracy by considering all informative data extracted from a signature image, including biometric characteristics.
  • Performs image comparison of preprinted objects like headers of blocks—such as check number, date, payee, dollar sign, memo, payor block and payor bank—on a suspect check versus corresponding blocks on a reference check stock.

eFraud Solution

  • Single stream check processing currently in use by Check Cashing operations, US District Courts and others looking to reduce the manpower required for creating Income Reports and Deposit Processing.
  • Features basic Check Data Extraction of Courtesy Amount and Validation, Payor, Date, Stale Date, Check Number and Signature Presence Detection
  • This solution is configurable to extend it’s features to include customized features available in eFraud Solution Enterprise.

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FormXtra Capture

FormXtra Capture recognizes, extracts and classifies machine print and all forms of handwriting —constrained, unconstrained handprint and cursive. It processes multiple document types – both structured and semi-structured forms, as well as field-based data. We can process any document from any source. Applications include unstructured and structured documents, medical form recognition, check recognition, human resources and accounting.

FormXtra Capture Enterprise

Forms Recognition

  • FormXtra Capture automates and streamlines document management through automating capture, classification, data location, extraction and validation. It automatically processes multi-page documents with machine print, constrained and unconstrained handprint, and even cursive handwriting that drives reduction in human processing time resulting in increased productivity, accuracy, and savings.
  • All Data Types, Any Document Format, FormXtra Capture features Advanced Data Extraction that recognizes and extracts machine print (OCR), all forms of handwriting – constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive (ICR), optical marks and barcodes within the same user application to process any document format, as well as forms and field-based data.


  • With Advanced Document Classification you can organize documents based on Content. This feature allows identification of different document types and individual document boundaries within a batch, regardless of order. It dramatically simplifies batch processing of mixed documents such as those that form a business transaction; for example a mortgage application that requires additional documents.
  • Import any volume without any preparation and have the software automatically group them. Visually move documents from one group to another and name them to create classes, all without programming. Fine-tuning document classes is as simple as correcting results by moving results from one class to another and then re-train. Create complex classification rules with a visual rule-builder that can be combined with text or visual classification to create special classes of documents. Discovering important information about your documents and improved governance and document search has never been easier or more accessible. Parascript Document Classification capabilities drastically reduces the need for labor-intensive.

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 M-Files DMS

M-Files Document Management Solution provides an easy to use, efficient and affordable document management the way it should be: simple to install and learn, reliable, powerful and secure – without breaking your budget. Improve business processes and workflow, increase information reuse, eliminate redundancy, securely control content and avoid conflicts and data loss – all in a single document management solution that integrates with Windows Explorer. M-Files 2018 – Now Available!

M-Files Enterprise Information Management

Document Management

  • M-Files 2018 and the Intelligent Metadata Layer delivers a simple, unified experience for intelligently finding, accessing and managing information residing within any system, without disturbing existing processes and the users that depend on them. The future of enterprise content management is here.
  • Manage information based on value and relevance,imagine if it didn’t matter where documents and other information were stored or which system managed them? What if chaotic file shares, information silos and vendor lock-in were a thing of the past?
  • M-Files is an Enterprise Information Management solution that provides enterprise-level tools to manage and control business content. Security, privacy and data protection are our top priority, whether your data resides on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Search to find documents and information across all of your systems immediately – even on your mobile device. Access and edit a project plan in your network folders, view agreements in SharePoint or see everything related to a customer in Salesforce without having to migrate anything.


  • Automate your workflows because manually managing day-to-day business processes isn’t a good use of your time. M-Files automates operational workflows like invoice approvals. That means you can ensure consistency while M-Files verifies that every step in your business process is followed.
  • Review and approve contracts faster by reducing the time required for managing and tracking contract workflows. M-Files frees up more hours in the day by automating processes like contract lifecycle management (CLM). Because M-Files knows who is responsible for every task along the way, notifications are sent automatically.
  • Tracking traceability and transparency for pending tasks, non-conformances and audit findings can be extremely costly, as well as, risky if you don’t know where problems exist. M-Files enables you to keep track of the assigned actions, per audit, department, workflow state or any other defined property. With this ability to have real-time information regarding CAPA states or other related documentation updates, preparation time for audits is diminished, communication is improved and corrective actions are not forgotten.

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