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Rethinking the Value of Capture: Accessing AR/AP Data

Rethinking the value of capture means helping eliminate many manual document-handling tasks such as sorting documents and entering data. Document capture refers to more than converting paper documents to their digital versions. Today, advanced capture is about enabling straight through processing (STP) capabilities so that at key points in automated document processing, business systems gain […]

Handwriting Recognition & Data Capture: Three Reasons to Get a Handle on Handwritten Data

One roadblock on the journey to going paperless — which is often overlooked — is handwritten information. Traditional data capture systems work primarily with printed data and not so well with handwritten information. Elements like written comments, annotations and signatures fall mostly outside the scope of common capture scenarios as a result. “Data Capture” is […]

Intelligent Capture – What Gets Us Into Trouble… | OCR vs Data Science

With Intelligent Capture, Delivering on Customer Expectations… “It is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” Whether you attribute this quote to Mark Twain, Josh Billings or one of several others, the statement stands out as true in a wide range of topics and situations. Most recently, it […]

Fraud Prevention Not Just for Banks | State & Local Government

Fraud prevention is not just for banks. Most associate the issues of fraud with financial-oriented companies such as banks, credit agencies and other fiduciaries. After all, many of us have perpetual free credit alerts due to all the data breaches. Municipalities, state and local governments aren’t far behind on the list of targets for fraudsters. And […]

Technology Behind Straight Through Processing | How STP Works

Here is Part 6 of our STP series. The past five articles on STP have introduced: (1) the concept of attended and unattended automation; (2) why STP is important; (3)how to achieve high STP in document automation; (4) examples of what it looks like; and (5) how to accurately assess STP. Technical Side of STP: Confidence Scores and Thresholds Delving into the underlying […]

Rethinking Operations Under a “Black Swan” Event

While many industries such as travel are incurring significant unavoidable impacts to business where there are few options to minimize the adversity, many sectors are being handed a “natural proof-of-concept” regarding adoption of new technologies and processes in order to keep business humming. Just as major events such as 9/11 and the Fukushima Meltdown caused […]

New Vendors are Playing Fake It ’til You Make It – Know the Facts

With the renewed attention to digital transformation and automation powered by AI, Intelligent Capture — including handwriting recognition — is undergoing a renaissance so to speak. While solutions offer a significant amount of potential, some major risks exist for adopting intelligent capture that are relatively easy to avoid if you are armed with good information. The focus […]