New Vendors are Playing Fake It ’til You Make It – Know the Facts

With the renewed attention to digital transformation and automation powered by AI, Intelligent Capture — including handwriting recognition — is undergoing a renaissance so to speak. While solutions offer a significant amount of potential, some major risks exist for Read more

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Rush to Vote-By-Mail Requires Decisions on Signature Verification

Originally Posted in the Parascript Newsroom By Rebecca Rowe April 23, 2020

To facilitate reliability of Vote-By-Mail in upcoming elections, Parascript and its VBM partners are working to provide automated signature verification that helps prevent fraud and reduces manual-based errors. Read more

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KMWorld Recognizes Parascript in Knowledge Management

Originally Posted in the Parascript Newsroom By Rebecca Rowe March 24, 2020

Parascript honored for the fifth consecutive year by KMWorld for 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

Parascript, which supplies the digital workforce with automated data entry solutions Read more

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Parascript Introduces FormXtra.AI 7.6 That Reduces Document Drudgery

Originally Posted January 16, 2020 by Parascript News Room

Parascript announced today that FormXtra.AI 7.6 is now available, which reduces manual drudgery by automating rote tasks and increasing our efficiency in document classification, data location, extraction and verification for Read more

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WesTech Automates Hope for Paws’ Donation Processing Using Parascript Software

Originally Posted in the Parascript Newsroom By Rebecca Rowe December 3, 2019

WesTech eSolutions Inc. (WesTech), which provides fraud prevention and payment solutions previously affordable only for large organizations, is now leveraging Parascript check processing software as part of its Read more

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