About WesTech eSolutions Inc.

For over ten years, WesTech eSolutions Inc. has provided mid-market clients with solutions previously affordable only by large organizations. WesTech has core competencies in cursive handwriting capture, check recognition, data conversion and scanning operations. Our team supports all the products we sell. With over twenty years of experience in delivering these solutions to clients, we maximize our solutions for business value, help ensure adoption of the solution enterprise-wide, improve business processes, integrate with the line-of-business applications and reduce operating costs.

Our Misson

Our mission is to deliver quality solutions and the exceed all expectations of the client experience. Our commitment to our clients; assist them in meeting their business goals, to improve the efficiency of their business processes and make those processes more cost effective. We will ensure a successful transition from existing processes to new solutions and procedures. We keep budget and schedules in the forefront our planning and deliverables processes.We strive to insure a quality client experience throughout the life of the project and into the future.

The WesTech Difference

Our capture solutions are created with best-in-class artificial intelligence software that streamlines access to your data with unequaled precision.  Any document. Any data. Any source.

The Parascript software analyzes over 100 billion documents annually and extracts critical information for financial services, government agencies and the healthcare industry. Our clients are across the markets of Healthcare, Finance, Human Resources, Pharmaceuticals, Education and Government.

Through digital image analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced pattern recognition, our solutions enable business automation in documents, forms, mail processing, transaction processing and fraud prevention. We use technology that is unique in its focus on precision document processing. High automation is our goal. Low error rates contribute to significant downstream cost reductions and higher customer satisfaction. Parascript software touches just about everyone in the U.S. who sends mail or writes a check.

Our software solutions:

  1. Improves document processing efficiency and data accuracy for organizations across the globe.
  2. Reduces data entry expenses for many clients by as much as 95 percent.
  3. Saves our clients millions of dollars each year.