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WesTech eSolutions Inc. provides mid-market clients with solutions and implementations previously affordable only by large organizations. WesTech has optimized the same processes that were developed and used by larger corporations for mid-size implementations. With over twenty years of experience in delivering these solutions to clients, WesTech maximizes Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions for business value, helps ensure adoption of the solution enterprise-wide, improves business processes, integrates with the line-of-business applications and reduces costs.

WesTech has partnered with Triesten Technologies LLC to develop the eFraud Solution. The eFraud Solution will provide fraud detection and elimination to many organizations with could not previously afford such technology. Powered by the market leading SDKs from Parascript, the eFraud Solution will detect CAR/LAR mismatches, signature presence, check stock irregularities, account number and signature verifications.

In addition to the eFraud Solution, WesTech maintains a Platinum level reseller status for the full line of Parascript products and provides implementation and training worldwide. WesTech’s longest tenured product offering is M-Files Document Management Solution. Another world leader and award winning product, which is installed in 115 countries world-wide and published in 29 different languages. M-Files has a complete set of features, it is easy to deploy, cost effective and organizes information based on “What It Is”, not “Where It’s Stored.”

Our leadership solutions from market leading companies coupled with our capabilities and experience makes us a one-stop shop for all your data extraction and information management needs. Our featured products are:

eFraud Solution, on April 7, 2016, we proudly announced our new state of the art single stream check fraud detection soluton. The eFraud Solution has joined several discrete and powerful competencies into a unified software solution for check fraud detection. eFraud Solution provides the ability to process business and personal checks. It offers the capability to combine any combination of modules including: check stock verification, check recognition and signature verification into one unified, easy-to-use solution without complex rules or add-ons. eFraud Solution leads the market with a cost effective, highly secured, high speed solution that is built with the latest technology. Modules include:

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FormXtra Capture by Parascript LLC recognizes, extracts and classifies machine print and all forms of handwriting —constrained, unconstrained handprint and cursive. It processes multiple document types – both structured and semi-structured forms, as well as       field-based data. We can process any document from any source. Applications include unstructured and structured documents, medical form recognition, check recognition, human resources and accounting.

M-Files DMS developed by M-Files Inc. provides an easy to use, efficient and affordable document management the way it should be: simple to install and learn, reliable, powerful and secure – without breaking your budget. Improve business processes and workflow, increase information reuse, eliminate redundancy, securely control content, and avoid conflicts and data loss – all in a single document management solution that integrates with Windows Explorer.

Our Professional Services is the core of our business portfolio. Our commitment to managing the client experience has guided us to many successful engagements. With over four decades of experience in information technology and nearly thirty years’ experience implementing, many money-saving process improvement solutions, we are adept at discovering client needs, developing requirements, sourcing solutions, managing implementations and implementing solutions, as required. Our available services also include image and data capture, integration, document conversion, post implementation support and training.

Services and Solutions

Whether you need simple scanning, conversion of legacy electronic formats, cursive handwriting capture solutions, supporting hardware or software, integration, training, consulting or full scale implementation of a document management solution. WesTech has the capability to provide it. We have partnered with quality companies that produce quality products; which provides us the basis for developing quality solutions.

We provide solutions which are cost effective, highly scalable, end-user maintainable and extendable. We have partnered with the leaders in the marketplace. Which enables us to provide leadership products.

Our Featured Solutions

Committment to Clients

Our staff is focus on the quality of the solution and the client experience. Our commitment to our clients; assist them in meeting their business goals, to improve the efficiency of their business processes and make those processes more cost effective. We will ensure a successful transition from existing processes to new solutions and procedures. We keep budget and schedules in the forefront our planning and deliverables processes.

We will insure a quality client experience throughout the life of the project and into the future. Delivering cost-effective quality solutions, on-time and within budget drives every client engagement.

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Join the Movement!

Join the Movement! Reduce the effort required to manage vital information! Many studies have shown that employees spend a great deal of time trying to find information that is already available within the organization. The time spent on searching, sorting, creating and re-creating redundant documents may account for a large amount of wasted hours. Capture all types of data including cursive handwriting and deliver it into your business processes without rekeying. Such efficiencies can be gained with the use of a well designed business process improvement solution and a solid conversion strategy.

WesTech eSolutions Inc., a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) centrally located in Northern Colorado. WesTech provides process improvement tools including data recognition, conversion services and implementing information management solutions. We have nearly thirty years’ experience providing conversion services and implementing document management solutions working with the old guard of document management, such as, LiberyIMS, Kofax and Information Management Research. Our clients span the state and local government, manufacturing, general business and medical markets.